Educational Excellence

Our instructional staff includes a carefully selected balance of music and performing arts educators with experiences from within and outside of the Madison Scouts.

Members can expect top rate instruction and a show that will be both challenging and exciting to perform. Our performers are asked to challenge themselves in all aspects of personal and ensemble performance. The Scouts team instructs, coaches and leads them through the rigorous process of creating, learning and perfecting a drum corps show.

At the end of the season, our members depart better musicians, better marchers, and better guard members…but most importantly,  as better performers. Through it all, members will have earned the opportunity to thrill audiences throughout the country.

Our 2017 staff includes:


Chris Komnick, Chief Executive Officer
Dann Petersen, Director
David Lofy, Assistant Director
Nick Monzi, Staff & Educational Coordinator
Jeff Spanos, Development Director
Clay Wachholz, Educational Outreach Director
Matthew Sanchez, Operations Coordinator
Eric Perry, Program Assistant

Brian Gregg, Social Media Director
Terry Hurley, Costume Manager
Andrew Irving, Merchandise Manager
Tina Jameson, Food Operations Manager
Greg Mizak, Photographer & Marketing
Gabby Pedroza, Videographer & Marketing
Gustavo Perea, Volunteer Coordinator
Robert Poulin, Tour Manager
Kimberly Pullen, Administrative Assistant
Josh Rauguth, Administrative Intern
Jonathon Shaw, Alumni Coordinator
AJ Smith, Travel Coordinator
Vi TranLe, Facilities Manager

Michael Barriero
, Lead Athletic Trainer
Cece Hester, Athletic Trainer
Richard Mitchell, Fitness Intern
Natalie Nation, Nutrition Intern

Design Team

KC Michel, Program Coordinator

Robbie Billings, Choreographer
Scott Boerma
, Brass Arranger
Chad Duggan, Visual Coordinator
Van Mathews, Music Coordinator
Pursifull, Visual Designer
Nick Pourcho, Front Ensemble Arranger
Mac Smith, Sound Designer
James Sparling, Battery Arranger


Scott Oliver, Caption Head

Andy Putnam
, Consultant

Alex Brough, Instructor
Andrew Brough, Instructor
Scott Carr, Instructor
Sean Conway, Instructor
Nick Dejarlais, Instructor
Sean Phelan, Instructor
Nathan Pratt, Instructor
Eric Vanderlaan, Instructor
Scott Whitford, Instructor
Dan Blevins, Intern
Matt Collins, Intern

Color Guard

Ian Lewis, Caption Head
William Martin, Caption Head
Brian Winn, Caption Head

KC Perkins, Consultant

Liz Bannon, Instructor
Rebekah Chadderdon
, Instructor
Travis Chiles, Instructor
Tavius Cooper, Instructor
Jared Cronk
, Instructor
EJ Deleon, Instructor
CJ Forland, Instructor
Kelsey Gleason, Instructor
Louis Hellinger, Instructor
Amy Metzler, Instructor
Stephanie Renell, Instructor
Carrie Short
, Instructor
Trent Williams, Instructor

KC Perkins, Caption Head
Robbie Billings, Instructor
Brian Giddens, Instructor
Kelsey Gleason, Instructor
Michael James
, Instructor
Amy Metzler, Instructor

Damon Padilla, Instructor
Carrie Short
, Instructor

Thomas Thawley, Instructor


James Sparling, Percussion Director

Mark Hunter, Battery Caption Head
Ben Heidrich, Snare Instructor
Matthew Howell, Snare Instructor
TJ Goss, Tenor Instructor
Aaron Farris, Bass Instructor
Josh Nelson, Bass Instructor
Jack Borland, Cymbal Instructor
Matt Poulos, Cymbal Instructor

Sean Womack, Front Ensemble Caption Head
Justin Lee, Front Ensemble Instructor
Meagan Nelson, Front Ensemble Instructor
Shelby Shelton, Front Ensemble Instructor
Grace Welter, Front Ensemble Instructor
Josh Ford, Sound Engineer


Jay Fuentes, Caption Head

Chris Harmon
, Consultant
Ken Karlin, Consultant
Zak Stillwell, Consultant
Bill Zeier, Consultant

Nathan Banegas, Instructor
Ted Chang, Instructor
Bryant Collins, Instructor
Lindsey Davis, Movement Specialist
Noe Gomez, Instructor
Jacky Huang, Instructor
Chris Law, Instructor
Cody Lee, Movement Specialist
Casey McClary, Instructor
Brian Schutta, Instructor

Chris Harmon, Consultant
Ken Karlin, Consultant

Brandt “Cajun” Murphy, Consultant
Bill Zeier, Consultant