What is Madison Scouts Live?
Madison Scouts Live is an online multimedia store featuring live-action photography, group & individual photos, performance video and remastered digital audio spanning the 75 year history of the Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps.

What is a Lightbox?
Lightbox lets you store all your favorite photos in one place once you sign into your account.

Do I need to create an account if I want to order any photos?
Simply put, no. We do not require an account to browse galleries or make purchases. However, we do offer free membership plans providing savings and access to free downloadable content.

How do I receive my purchased images/photos?
Digital downloads are sent instantaneously. Print orders are processed within 3-5 business days, then sent via USPS ground mail. You should expect to receive your prints within 7-10 business days.

What is the best resolution for me?

The resolution you choose should be based on how you intend to use your image. The following guide can help you make the appropriate selection.


High Resolution Images (3400 x 2262 px)
These can be used for professional quality prints as large as 16x20. Processed at 600 dpi, this image is perfect for additional editing and cropping.
*High Resolution images will be sent via email.

Medium Resolution Downloads (1800 x 1198 px)
These can be used for high quality prints as large as 8x10.Processed at 600 dpi, this image is perfect for creating standard sized prints and photo gifts.

Low Resolution Downloads (800 x 532 px)
These are primarily meant to be used with social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.Processed at 600 dpi, this image can also be used to make good quality prints up to 4x6.

What rights do I have with my purchased photos?
You can print an UNLIMITED amount and you can share them online with your friends and family! No photos may be used for any commercial use.

How long will the photos be up online?
Images are viewable and available for purchase for 36 months from the date of the event.Images are then moved to our archives and are randomly displayed as part of our REMEMBER WHEN series.

What resolution will I receive for my purchased photos?
Photographs from Madison Scouts Live are only sold as high resolution, 600 dpi prints.

What types of payments do you accept?
All major credit cards accepted through PayPal.


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